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My new position when the failmob attacks

As you all are sick of hearing by now, I have a thing for fanatics.  Leftist, rightist, tea-partiers, assorted nuts of any flavor, I just can't stand it when someone lets their agenda distort their entire view of the universe.  It makes my hackles fly up immediately, and I just can't resist going after them.  I sometimes find myself pretending to be a communist when speaking to the loony right, and vice-versa.  When another person lets their emotion, and belief of what is RIGHT get past their intellectual filters I just can't resist sniping. 

On a more serious note, I also can't resist publicly expresssing the belief that maybe, just maybe, there is a little too much agenda-driven anger out there.  Changing the definition of words or trying to blame the innocent for the perceived ills of society (and attacking them commesurately) needs to be challenged, and I really couldn't care less if the people being challenged are a loud, touchy minority who will try to make you believe that they are relevant in order to attempt to silence you.  Also, when they attempt to change the language of their discussion to fit their needs, I won't play ball.  We can discuss whatever you want - literally WHATEVER - in English or in Spanish, but I don't speak PC, and, like most people, have no interest in learning.

Whether this is healthy or intelligent is open to discussion (always welcome - we are polite and open here, that's the whole point!!), but it is the way I work.

I've learned that arguing with the fanatics is a bit of a waste of time, but I do feel that the people being attacked should receive all the support we can give them.  They are neither sexist nor racist.  They are not perpetuating a system.  They are often just people who happen to create a work that certain fringe elements find goes counter to their agenda.

So with this in mind, I support Ian Whates this week.  I do so publicly and openly.  I believe him when he says he invited the authors he thought were best suited for this antho.

Innocent until proven guilty with evidence that society - not fringe groups - will accept.

Tags: pc going too far

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